Friday, January 29, 2010

Post-Op Bandage: Minimize Swelling & Increase Attention

I know what you're thinking, this picture must have been taken sometime in late November since Heidi had her now famous 'ten surgeries in one day' on November 20th and bandages such as the ones she appears in here are typically worn during the first few weeks post-op only. But no, this picture was taken on January 27th!!! More than two months after her surgeries not to mention the countless number of photos we have seen of her since without the bandages. This photo was taken as Heidi and her sister Holly exited a private plane in their hometown of Crested Butte, Colorado so Heidi could face her Mom for the first time since her surgeries. Hmmm, do you think Heidi had any idea that the paparazzi would be there to capture this moment? Even Dr. Frank Ryan, Heidi's plastic surgeon, had nothing but a sarcastic remark for her dramatic, bandage-covered, plane exit saying something along the lines of "well isn't she just the diligent patient" confirming that the bandages were not doctor's orders and safeguarding nothing more than making sure she made the entertainment news circuit that day. I have to hand it to her, I have blogged about her two weeks in a row and she was indeed plastered all over the entertainment shows, blogs, websites getting off that plane. If attention is what she is seeking than she is surely feeling accomplished right now. I promise if she is still wearing the bandages on the 4th of July I will resist the temptation to write about her again. At some point we all need to ignore the monster we created.

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