Friday, January 15, 2010

Plastic Surgery Police

Somebody stop her!! If only there were an authority to call to make a plastic surgery arrest to save Heidi Montag (although it appears to be too late already) from her admitted obsession/addiction to plastic surgery. She was an average looking girl, who blossomed into a beautiful young woman after a breast augmentation and nose job, and is slowly becoming the next plastic surgery freak of Hollywood. Joan Rivers you have competition!

Heidi is featured in People magazine this week not only discussing her obsession, but bragging about it. Is this really something to be proud of? It's no secret that Heidi will do just about anything for publicity, and since she has had little (to be generous) success with her singing career and with 'The Hills' heyday being long gone, it seems to me that she is undergoing all of these procedures to gain attention rather than beauty. The laundry list of procedures she had in one day (10 in total) on November 20th ranges from a brow lift to buttock augmentation, and included most body parts in between. Not only has she gone too far but she has completely destroyed the amazing results she got from her original surgeries. I thought her breasts and nose looked perfect, and now her breasts are significantly too large for her petite frame while her nose is too narrow for her face. According to her she is not done and wants larger breast implants as soon as her tissues have stretched enough to handle them. An admitted addiction, she has no plans to retire the scalpel.

I hope there is someone out there that can get through to Heidi that more does not always mean better, and there is no turning back once you've gone too far. If she stopped now she might not look as good as she did prior to November 20,2009, but at least she wouldn't be playing Michael Jackson in a movie anytime soon. I hope she comes to her senses and discovers ways to feel beautiful and famous without more surgery. Click below to see the segment with Dr. Walden commenting on Inside Edition!

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  1. I don't think she's going to come to her senses - she already looks like a robot!!