Monday, January 11, 2010

Photoshop strikes again!!!

Please don't roll your eyes and leave......please, please.....I know it is another blog about one of The Hills chicks, but even I couldn't pass this one up! So, apparently Heidi Montag is releasing her debut album tomorrow. As we all know, Ms. Montag, is no stranger to our blog or plastic surgery in general. The reality star has been very open about her journey going under the knife. Heidi has admitted to breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, but it is rumored that the pint size star has also had chin refinement, possible liposuction, and injectables to the face and lips.

Well, this time I am not here to talk about what she has had done I am simply pointing out what was done to her by the computer mouse!! In addition to her announcement of the album coming out today they released a promotional picture. Like so many planned pictures we see today of celebrities, once again she was photoshopped to a point where this could have been a drawing. I mean I get it....this is Hollywood and the music industry and you have to be perfect and all that jazz, but give me a break. Ms. Montag is a young beautiful woman in her 20's....why would there be a need to photoshop her to a point where you have to take a double take just to make sure who it is?? The portion of the photo that is the worst is the face. I can't quite figure out what they did looks at if they tried to lengthen the face which in turn gives her a very "upside down triangle" or "alien" shape. There are so many paparazzi pictures of the blond beauty with no photoshop applied and she always looks gorgeous....I just don't understand.

I have real mixed feelings about photoshop in general. I feel like it can be such an amazing tool for publications and photographers. If you have taken the most perfect picture of a subject but there is a really distracting piece of hair out of place or an article of clothing at an odd angle or even an unsightly blemish.....I am all for fixing it and have total understanding of what a great piece of technology it is. It just seems like you can't look at a photograph today where the person is so "touched up" that they look almost inhuman or like a painting. I am hoping that like most trends this will pass and we can get back to a more "natural" version of photography. We need to give the human race....especially woman....a break and embrace our imperfections maybe even celebrate them. It is what makes us "human" after all!

Happy Monday!!!

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