Monday, December 28, 2009

Will the REAL Tara please stand up??

With as much buzz placed around this Playboy spread I have to admit I was actually really interested to hear the reviews of this pictorial. Actress, Tara Reid, is no stranger to plastic surgery or discussing the issues surrounding the elective procedures she has undergone. If by chance you live under a rock or don't have access to the internet, magazines, or a are the details. Essentially, Ms. Reid underwent a breast augmentation as well as liposuction to her abdominal area. She has been extremely vocal about how both procedures in her words were "botched". I must say I always thought she was pretty classy in the way she handled the negative attention. Instead of hiding from the interest she attacked it head on. She was seen on many major morning shows and was heard on the pages of numerous reputable magazines. Tara discussed her reasons for electing to have the procedures as well as how she coped with the unforeseeable results. It raised questions about how important it is patients understand that they are having major surgery although it be elective. It also brought awareness to the continued importance of making sure your surgeon is board certified.

Now, bring us to present. Ms. Reid has undergone reconstructive surgery to her breasts and abdomen to fix some of the previous surgical issues. Again, she was in the media talking about her journey and letting us all know how happy she is with the results. About this same time she announced that Playboy came a knocking and she was ready and willing to show off her new body. Well, before you get too excited the pictures are airbrushed beyond recognition and basically look like a drawing.  I know ALL magazines airbrush the men and women that grace their glossy pages, but she has not a single scar on her body. At all. 

Despite my disappointment in Playboy's photoshop skills, I think Ms. Reid looks beautiful and I am glad she is happy with her body today. :)

Have a HAPPY and SAFE New Year!!!!

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