Friday, November 13, 2009

Is Sammy Comfortable in his New Skin?

Baseball season might be over folks, but if Sammy Sosa was looking to lighten is skin-tone than he hit a home-run with the bleaching cream he admitted to using after debuting a significantly lighter complexion at a recent event in Las Vegas. Sound familiar?? How can you not think of the recently deceased King of Pop when a story like this arises. Unlike Michael Jackson, Sammy Sosa is not claiming any skin disorder or medical necessity for the use of a bleaching product. Is this simply a case of wanting what we can't have naturally? I am the first to admit I reach for the tanning cream when getting ready for a big event, and I would be lying if I said I didn't wish my curly hair was straight. I thought Sammy Sosa's complexion looked great pre-bleach and I wonder if people with naturally darker complexions think the same about me after I've been bathing in 'build-a-tan' for a few days. My caveat to Sammy is to not become the 'man in the mirror' (pun intended) scrutinizing every feature, and drastically altering his appearance through surgery. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't get carried away so we can remember Sammy for his home-runs not his changing face.

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