Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time to Embrace the Once-Piece

When I came across this picture of Kelly Bensimon of 'Real Housewives of New York' my first thought was that she should call Tara Reid to get some advice on how to deal with having bad tummy liposuction results. Who can forget poor Tara having a breast augmentation and liposuction by a surgeon who was not a board certified plastic surgeon only to end up with a deformed figure, and endless public attention surrounding her body nightmare. I remember seeing Tara in a bikini around that time and thinking, "someone get this girls a once-piece!". That is how I'm feeling right now looking at this picture of Kelly in a string bikini. Her stomach has the obvious contour deformity (large dimples) that is indicative of poor liposuction work. What a shame! I know Kelly works out a lot and she by no means has a weight problem. Maybe she didn't even need the liposuction in the first place. She might want to consider having a second procedure to even out some of the dimpling and in the meantime there are some really cute one-piece suits out there these days...

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  1. how true, a one piece can cover all that up!