Friday, October 16, 2009

They Whipped it Real Good!!

No, I am not talking about Devo's 80's smash hit.....I am talking about Drew Barrymore's directorial debut movie Whip It!. If you haven't seen it yet go out this weekend and check it out. I went to see the movie last weekend and I just loved it. Sometimes it is just nice to go to the movies and shut off your brain.....a little fluff always does me a world of good! Anyway, besides the obvious comedy the film brings, I was so impressed how great this cast of women looked. I mean the majority of them are in their mid thirties to early forties.....which as we all know in Hollywood it might as well be 150! I completely enjoyed everyone's performance, but one really stood out from the rest. Juliette Lewis was fantastic! She plays a character by the name of "Iron Maven" and she is for lack of a better word the villan of the roller derby league. In the film she is also a little "past her prime" at the ripe old age of 36....again rolling my 33 year old eyes at Hollywood! ;) Besides her performance I noticed how great she looks for her age. She has definitely aged gracefully....aka....adding just enough help here and there to stay fresh faced. It appeared that she does use injectibles such as botox and maybe some dermal fillers as well. She sports some really crazy make up, but it seemed her "pout" was extra plump. In addition to her face her body looked AMAZING!! To be truthful....all the cast was in amazing shape!

All in all this is a heart warming tale about following your dreams however crazy they may be. A good life lesson for us all. Lesson or not I think I just enjoyed watching these 30 something hotties sweat and kick butt on their roller skates. So, if you don't have any plans for this is cold and wet here in the nearest theater!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. gotta love seeing women kick butt! She does look amazing and I agree that is likely due to Botox, oh what a wonderful invention.