Monday, October 26, 2009

Does beautiful outside make beautiful inside?

There is no doubt what a good plastic surgeon can do. Plastic surgery can truly be a life changing experience for those who have struggled with certain features that were not quite what they would have liked if they could have picked what they wanted. Thanks to the amazing talents of plastic surgeons today almost anything can be made better and help you feel better about your self. This kind of confidence can go a long way. In the case of Heidi Montag one has to ask if outer beauty really translates into inner beauty? In my humble opinion I would have to say no. You are either a beautiful person inside to begin with and tweaking some of what god gave you will only enhance that beauty. Plastic surgery can do a lot of great things but alas it cannot change the person you really are inside. It can give you confidence that will reflect in the way you smile or carry yourself but it will not make you a kinder more compassionate person. These are innate qualities that one is born with so you either have it or you don't. For now we will just have to accept the limitations of what we can achieve through surgery and hope that along with these beautiful changes each person will try to be a better person with the new gifts they have been given.

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  1. I agree you'd have to be a beautiful person on the inside. However, some people may want to change their appearance to gain more confidence and with confidence comes happiness and then that person tends to love life more and treat others better-just a theory. Plastic surgery is a wonderful thing!