Friday, October 30, 2009

Courtney and the Cat Lady

I was once again over at swear I do get work done around here....but don't tell Dr. Walden! ;) Anyway, it is never a surprise to see Jocelyn Wildenstein in the press in regards to her interesting choices in plastic surgery. For those of you who are not familiar with Ms. Wildenstein, she is a New York celebrity that is famous for attempting to change her facial features to look more "cat like". It is really amazing when you look at pictures how much she does actually look like a cat! Although I must say.....I saw some pictures of her recently and it appeared that she went under the knife to revise some of her earlier surgeries....but I digress. So, apparently rock star, Courtney Love, recently met Ms. Wildenstein and was shocked by the appearance of her face. She was so taken back that she made a statement that she is off of plastic surgery for good. Courtney is no stranger to plastic surgery and is rumored to have undergone rhinoplasty, face lift, breast augmentation/lift, liposuction, and fillers to her face and lips. The rocker was quoted saying, "I could do with another boob lift, but no way," Court explains. "I don't want to end up looking like her. She looked freaky."

I personally don't think that was the most tactful way to express her feeling on the issue, but I think the sentiment raises a great question.....when is it too much, or is it even possible to do to much? Obviously, plastic surgery is a very personal decision and if you are happy with the end result that is the most important. In the same breath I feel like it is EXTREMELY important to find a board certified plastic surgeon that has good eyes and good hands for that matter. Ask if they have before and after photos of their previous patients, so you have an idea of their work. Make sure you decide on a doctor you trust and that listens.....because in the end you have to spend everyday in your body and you want to love it! That is the whole point after all. :) It is also important to listen to what your surgeon suggests.....this is what they do 24/7 and their medical opinion is essential to getting a great outcome. So, let's keep plastic surgery in the context of enhancing what we have, not making us into something different!

Happy Friday!!!

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