Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plastic Surgery made her famous

Nileen Namita may not be a celebrity, but she sure is famous for the plastic surgeries she has had. In case you haven't heard, this woman from England believes that she is the reincarnation of the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti. In 1987, Nileen began her quest to complete the look she believed that fit her. According to Nileen, she underwent psychoanalysis at age 29 and came to the conclusion that the dreams she was having were due to the fact that she was, in fact the reincarnation of Nefertiti. According to one source, Nileen has had eight rhinoplasties, three chin implants, an eyebrow lift, six mini facelifts, two lip surgeries, five eye surgeries, and countless minor surgeries in her quest to look like the Egyptian Queen. She has had more than 50 cosmetic surgery procedures and has spent over $330,000 on these procedures-clearly she has helped her plastic surgeon pay off his mortgage and bmw (one would assume-*jokes*)
Nileen's case is certainly an odd one, considering most people want to change their appearance in order to look like a celebrity-while she wanted to go way back and look like an Egyptian Queen. Clearly, this woman has a case of body dysmorphia and should be treated-no surgeon should encourage these surgeries, regardless of the profit they will make. Oh, did I mention she has three children? I hope they don't have the same disorder as their mother but help her to feel like her own person and not like Nefertiti.
Source: softpedia