Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Older and Wiser

I am home watching Dancing With the Stars (you all know about my reality t.v. addiction) and I logged on to write a 'nothing but positive' blog about how great the forty and up club looked at the Emmy awards the other night (Kate Walsh you are my hero!) when out of the corner of my eye I saw something that appeared to be jumping through my flat-screen, possibly about to attack me, and it turned out to be Joanna Krupa's lips.  So after taking a moment to let my heart rate return to normal I decided to do a little research on this celebrity I had never heard of (I doubt there is a male on the planet who could say the same). After a quick google search I found out that Joanna is 30 years old and I couldn't help but think that her plastic surgery is working against her (from the neck up anyway).  When someone has obvious enhancements to the face like she does my first thought is "What is she trying to hide? Wrinkles? Age spots?"  It makes me think the person is trying to look younger rather than better, and that implies a birth year way before 1979.  Talk about reverse effect!  If your plastic surgery is making people question whether or not you are older than your actual age you might want to find a new injector.  To bring it back to my favorite forty somethings, forget thirty, some of these ladies could pass for twenty-five if they weren't famous making every detail of their life public knowledge.  So my advice to all the women in their thirties out there is to learn from your "elders" otherwise you will be asked if you want a half-price ticket at the movies way before them.  How ironic, the series premiere of Cougar Town is about to start. I can hardly wait to spend the next half hour with Courtney Cox and her fabulous, natural looking injections, and put the scary lip experience behind me.  

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  1. Hilarious. Courtney Cox does look better than the Dancing with the stars celeb but hey you live and learn!