Thursday, September 3, 2009

Implants arrive at the Milk Bar

Kendra Baskett and Kourtney Kardashian recently graced the cover of US Weekly bringing national attention to a new generation of breast-feeding women. The "mommies with implants" have arrived! According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2008 marked the first year in the twelve years on record that breast augmentation was the #1 performed cosmetic surgical procedure. It was also the #1 most popular surgery among the "very fertile" age group of 19-34 which means lots of babies being born to surgically enhanced mothers. Kendra and Kourtney are both quoted in the magazine as saying they are planning on breast-feeding their babies. Kendra specifically talks about her fears of being unable to breast-feed because of her implants (not true in most cases) and Kourtney mentions being told it likely would not be a problem. A common misconception in society is that implants=bottle-fed babies which is far from true. There is a chance women who have not undergone breast augmentation will not be able to breastfeed and this risk goes up only slightly for women who have (percentages vary based on incision site and implant placement). I have a good feeling that Kendra and Kourtney are both going to have happy, healthy, breast-fed babies and if their breasts happen to droop or shrink, as they often like to do once the milk is gone, going to the operating room for a touch up will be a walk in the park for these surgical veterans.

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