Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flashback to this year's VMA's

If any of you got a look at Stephanie Pratt (The Hills) you probably didn't even know it was her! It seems that she has undergone a plastic-makeover. At age 23, Ms. Pratt is wasting no time in getting the look she wants. It appears that she has gotten her some injections or collagen to plump up her lips and a rhinoplasty to give her nose more definition.

I'm sure most of you have heard of the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama so I won't get into that/ But, rumors have circulated in regards to Taylor having had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. When looking back at older photos of Taylor, there has been no change in her nose that weren't due to growing up and growing into her face. Regarding the rumor on breast augmentation-Taylor clearly has natural breasts. Looking at photos from the VMA's, Taylor could not have possibly had any augmentation and is certainly all all-natural girl.

Beyonce, who has always been a classy woman has also appeared to have had rhinoplasty. Of course, this nose job is a very natural looking one and the surgeon did a great job to give it more definition as well. According to Makemeheal, Beyonce has also gotten liposuction and possibly breast augmentation.

Well, until next years VMA's-or rather til next week. I'm signing off


  1. gotta love the VMA's. You're right Pratt did not look like herself, then again we all look a bit different when we get all dressed up.But it does appear that she is plumping her lips.
    Never thought Taylor Swift had any augmentation-just silly rumors. And Beyonce's surgeon did s fantastic job, she's always been so classy and gorgeous!

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