Friday, September 11, 2009

Evan Rachel Wood takes a Bite!

Like everyone else these days I have been enjoying all the "vampire drama" everywhere you turn....books, movies, TV is vampire mania EVERYWHERE! I personally have eyes for ONE vampire in particular.....but, I digress! ;) Anyway, one of my favorite new guilty pleasures is the HBO drama True Blood. I will admit that before I started watching the show I read the entire book series and really loved them, so I was skeptical that I would even like HBO's attempt at bringing these awesome books to life. Well, after watching the first episode I was HOOKED.....or as they would say in Bon Temps....glamoured! ;) True Blood is at the end of it's second season on HBO and in addition to the great writing for this show the casting is just dead pun intended! In the last aired episode we were introduced to the much awaited character, Sophie-Ann, Queen of Louisiana. This exciting new character is played by none other than actress Evan Rachel Wood.....again BRILLIANT casting. I was super excited to see Ms. Wood play the young Queen, but I was just floored at how different she looks. I mean we were first introduced to Evan Rachel Wood years ago when she played Tracy Freeland in the break out movie Thirteen. She was so young back then, and I understand that as she matured into a woman there were some natural changes. I just couldn't get over how much her face had changed from that cute girl in the movie. Anyway, I began to look over some pictures of Ms. Wood over the years. There is no doubt that she has blossomed into a STUNNING woman. I will say that it appears she might have undergone rhinoplasty at some point....her nose looks significantly slimmer, and the tip appears to have been rotated a bit. It also seems that she may have had some injections done to her now fuller lips. I searched the web to see if there were any reports of the actress going under the knife and all I found were a few speculations here and there. I wondered if maybe she used Botox as well, as her skin is FLAWLESS in every picture.....but, I really think this is just someone who is blessed with youth and great skin. Although, I am sure she does light peels now and then to keep that porcelain skin glowing! No matter what she has or hasn't done I think she is just gorgeous and absolutely the perfect actress to play Queen Sophie-Ann. I look forward to watching her beautiful face on True Blood for many seasons to come!

Happy Friday!!

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