Thursday, August 20, 2009

T-Mobile Model and Plastic Surgery

So today, I thought to myself, who should I blog about? After searching the web, I found Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is my favorite actress, I find her to be so unbelievably beautiful and talented! How can you not love her? Anyway, I looked up to see what work she's had done and it appears as though she has had a rhinoplasty and is only rumored to have had breast augmentation as well as eyelid surgery and cosmetic dentistry. One source wrote, "Approaching 40, Catherine Zeta-Jones also has a wrinkle-free face, which leads some to suspect that she dabbles in Botox injections and chemical peels." This source also noted that "Catherine Zeta-Jones uses the Wellbox Cellulite & Anti-Wrinkle Home Device, which is a major hit with celebrities seeking to reduce fat and cellulite, as well as diminish facial lines and wrinkles."
(Source:educationmakemeheal) Also, recently the tabloids have been shining the light on Catherine because it appears that she has been slimming down her entire body-causing others to think that she may have had liposuction. However, who's to say that she's not just losing weight from diet and exercise?

On the rumor about breast augmentation, I searched through various pictures of Zeta-Jones thought she may not have had augmentation unless she did before the start of her career--but then I came upon this photo. It appears that she may have had breast augmentation and I loved reading the rumors about her breast implants having been purchased by her handsome hubby, Michael Douglas (all unconfirmed!).
In any case, she is a natural beauty who is talented with staying power.


  1. I love Catherine Zeta-Jones. she does look amazing, and if it is the resulto f plastic surgery, so be it. Although, I wouldn't have minded seeing her age naturally, I think she'd look beautiful regardless.

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