Friday, August 7, 2009

Saved by the Botox?

Whoa!! Where is Mr. Belding when you need him!!! Actress, and Saved By the Bell alumni, Lark Voorhies was seen very recently looking a bit "surprised" and "stretched". I don't know if you caught the most recent People magazine cover, but they just did a really fun spread on the stars from the 90's sitcom Saved By the Bell. I can't believe it has been 20 years since Bayside's first school bell rang on national television. The article was really fun and kind of a "where are they now" look into the now adults lives. I remember thinking as I was thumbing through the article (one plus about working for a doctor....GREAT magazines!!) was that they all looked really great. The photos were done in a very "yearbook" style which I thought was hilarious and genius all at the same time! What great sports they all were! Anyway, it was a fun article and I thought nothing of it until I was looking through the gossip sites this morning to find a blog topic and I came across these very recent pictures of "little Lisa Turtle". It appears that the star has had some work done since the breaking of the People magazine cover. The first and most obvious assumption would be the possible use of Botox!! That surprised look says it all. It also appears that at some point the star has undergone rhinoplasty. I might be reaching a little bit with this one, but her skin looks pulled tight across the eyes and cheeks, although it could be a poor camera angle and strange facial expression. The blogger that posted these pictures said she looked as if she was turning into Latoya Jackson. I think that might be a little harsh, but I agree that it is not the best look for her. The makeup she is wearing is also too light for her skin and gives her a somewhat "ashen" appearance. Undereye highlight can be a ladies BEST friend, but it is important to get the shade right and not look white under the eyes. I am hoping that these were just bad paparazzi photos, and that she really looks more like the photos in the magazine!

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  1. OMG what has Lisa Turtle done to herself? Cannot even take this in.