Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jewel's Jewels!

Jewel has come to my attention lately as having implants that may not fit her body dimensions. As seen on, Dr. Walden mentions “It looks like she had breast augmentation with possible subglandular placements of the implants. It seems like her breast diameter/pocket is wider than the diameter of her implants therefore you can tell where her implants end and her real breast tissue starts.”

Dr. Aston also commented in regards to Jewel on MakeMeHeal saying, “It appears that singer Jewel’s breast implants are too small in diameter for the width of her breast. Also, her implants are visible under her skin, which suggests that her implants are not beneath the pectoral muscle. If she had a revision with better implant selection and they were placed under the muscle it would give her a better result.”

In any case, it is important to take into consideration body dimensions like base diameter and skin pinch thickness for breast augmentation to look natural. As well, breast implant size is a part of the equation as implants can be too small or too large for a person's individual body type.

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  1. People really need to do some research on the plastic surgeon they find AND on the surgery itself. "Know before you go!"