Friday, August 14, 2009

Keeping up with Kim

Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards this week?? I will admit I did not, but I did watch the highlights the next day online of Robert Pattinson...Hottie McHot. Anyway, back on subject....I did however enjoy looking at all the red carpet pictures of the event. I really love events like these....young, hip, and trendy. The stars are a little less formal and always try to have a little fun. Well, as I was looking over the pictures, I noticed a picture of Kim Kardashian. Let me rephrase that.....I passed over a picture of Kim because I didn't recognize her AT ALL!!! Later I was on a different celeb gossip page and there was a blurb about Kim's new hair color and it was the same picture from before. Literally my jaw hit the floor. I could not believe it was her. I immediately went to google images and looked at more pictures of her from the red carpet. Her face looks completely different! It was just astounding. If you haven't seen the new look you should browse some of the pictures from the award show. Kim has dyed her brunette tresses a honey blond and was extremely, extremely tan. I know people change their hair color often to spice things up, but this was amazing how it changed her entire facial features. It was also apparent that she was freshly injected for the evening. Her skin was flawless. It just goes to show that something as simple as hair color can change everything! We have covered on this blog all the many rumored procedures Ms. Kardashian has undergone and now we can add this to the list! I know it is not plastic surgery to change your hair color, but this was a TRUE transformation that I had to blog about!!! ;) I prefer her a brunette, but Kim is such a beautiful woman I highly doubt there is much she can't pull off!! I guess we will see if blonds do have more fun!!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Wow she does look like a completely different person! Why change your appearance at such a young age?Crazy young rich girls...