Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vogue Covergirl Changed Her Appearance?

While researching celebrities to blog about I came across Sofia Milos. Many of you may notice her from CSI:Miami which she has been on since 2003, or from shows she's been featured in such as Friends or Curb Your Enthusiasm. I found out that before she became an actress, she was actually a model. Now back in the day, she was actually featured as a Vogue Covergirl in Europe in a cover for their Foreign Edition. Of course, Sofia certainly looks quite different than in her modeling photos and you can tell she has had something done in order to change her appearance. One source named their article on Sofia, "Would you change your face if it got you on the cover of Vogue?" (awfulplasticsurgery). This source believes that she may have gotten a chin implant and rhinoplasty, mentioning "...she shaved down her nose, which looked fine in the first place." I actually think her nose was a bit strong on her petite face in the photo on the left, and the nose job served to reduce the bridge and tip nicely. It also looks as if she made these changes after the Vogue cover.

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