Friday, July 17, 2009

Stephanie Pratt wins by a Nose!!!

It is never a big shocker to see any of the Pratts in US Weekly or any other tabloid magazine for that matter. Seriously, it seems like you can't even pick one up without there being some kind of silly paparazzi stunt by these three....I am speaking of none other than Spencer, Heidi, and Stephanie (who can all be seen on the hit "reality" series The Hills on MTV. Although her brother seems to bask in the limelight more often....this little story about Stephanie on page 14 in the latest installment of US Weekly magazine caught my eye. The magazine is claiming Stephanie Pratt has has undergone rhinoplasty. Nurse Sarah did a blog entry awhile back about Pratt's use of fillers for her lips, but these new pics of the reality star bring up a whole basket of "new tricks".

I briefly spoke to Dr. Walden (who has never seen Pratt or treated the star) about these new photos and she was in agreement with the assumption of the rhinoplasty. I love to bug Dr. Walden about all the celebrity plastic surgery is like gossiping with the expert!!! She is always first to say when procedures look "really nice" on the other hand....not so much..! Anyway, back to the subject!!! Dr. Walden said that it appeared Pratt had a rhinoplasty where the surgeon possibly rotated the tip, used spreader grafts to improve dorsal aesthetic lines, and possibly even an alar base resection. It still appears she gets some form of fillers for her plump lips. I also noticed how smooth and flawless her skin looked.....she might have had some type of light chemical peel or skin resurfacing treatments. Either way, we all thought she looked really great!!! Congrats Ms. Pratt!

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  1. bariatric surgery
    She used to look like a cow-next-door! Another chunky teenager full of complexes. Bla-bla-bla.She looks better now.