Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melissa Gilbert: From Little House on the Prairie to Hollywood

Actress, Writer and Producer, Melissa Gilbert is rumored to have had some work done. Born in 1964, making her 45 years old-this beauty still looks gorgeous-especially for her age! Most people know her from her childhood role as Laura Ingalls, Charles Ingalls' second daughter on Little House on the Prairie. Of course, as adult she has been on many sets and made a solid career in television. You may have seen her on 7th Heaven, Nip/Tuck, or Babylon 5, but she has certainly changed her look-likely due to the demands of the big screen. Melissa has also been known to date some of the best-looking guys in Hollywood-including Rob Lowe.
As I was researching Melissa Gilbert's life, I did find that rumors have circulated that she may have had Breast Augmentation, and as you can see for yourself it certainly looks like it and I wouldn't doubt it for a moment. I also found that she may be getting botox injections, which is also quite possible as it is a popular product and her face looks smooth and shiny as though she may be getting the injections. One source wrote, "She definitely could be using botox injections since this procedure is one of the most popular in Hollywood, but if she does probably she is not getting too much, which is great because it allows her face to move naturally. About her breast it is hard to say with the pictures that we found, the round and upper projected look that she has sometimes can be achieved with the use of a wonder bra, but her breast looks bigger than before, it could be because she gained some weight or that she got some breast implants, that in her case doesn't look too big but proportional to her body frame."
Whatever Melissa is doing, it keeps her looking young and fabulous and you can't deny that!


  1. Damn..someone got huge basketballs put into their chest.

  2. her face looks completely different from a few years. I'd say she got more than a little work done!

  3. I just love her but her nose looks very different.