Friday, July 24, 2009

Life imitating art???

Well, it seems the answer to that question is "yes" in this situation. Funny actress, Anna Faris, seems to have taken at tip from the "bunnies" and improved her image a bit. Ms. Faris is best known for her recurring roles in the Scary Movie franchise, but she was recently seen as a Playboy Bunny hottie in the movie House Bunny. I couldn't help but notice how fabulous she looked in that movie.....not to mention hilarious. I think sometimes the "comedic actresses" tend to not be considered glamorous. They are always like the funny weird best friend or the sidekick. Well, when I saw these pictures today I thought she could give most of Hollywood's beauties a run for their money! It is rumored that the actress has undergone breast augmentation. I would say by the pictures it appears pretty obvious. I think they look great on her frame. It seems she picked a great doctor that helped her choose an implant size that fits her perfectly. I know I have said in other posts how important it is to let your doctor help you pick the right size implants for your frame. :) Dr. Walden appeared on a video for Allergan's new Natrelle Implant sizing kit that I will include at the bottom of this blog. You should check it out....such a great tool when trying to decide what size implant to choose!!! Anyway, other than the breast augmentation it looks as if Ms. Faris also has had some injections done. I think maybe lip fillers and some botox. Regardless of what she has or hasn't had done I think she looks beautiful and proves that funny ladies don't always finish last in the beauty contest! :)

ps...don't forget to check out the video!! Happy Friday!!

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  1. what a great instructional/informative video, great idea