Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ex-SNL Cast Member:Cheri Oteri

The other day I was watching some old re-runs of SNL and I couldn't help but wonder where Cheri Oteri is these days. I looked up her recent work history on IMDB and saw some recent photos. I couldn't believe what I saw! Cheri Oteri looks a bit different in these photos. It appears as though she may have had a facelift and possibly even an eyelid lift. One souce said, "Her face looks like a Halloween mask that has been stretched. The pretty alert eyes she was known for are still there, but the area around them is basically unrecognizeable. It looks like she has had some sort of eye work to fix problems in that area. Her nose also looks smaller" (AwfulPlastic). Well, we think that's a little rough....she looks a lot younger these days, and the photo on the right was taken outside in the sunlight, highlighting her skin, new hair auburn hair color, and buffed skin!

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