Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Does Botox Cure Baldness??!

I was flipping through the channels and guess who I see on Fox and Friends? Dr. Walden! She was on Fox discussing top medical news. The segment I found most interesting was about a dermatologist who claimed that Botox helped regrow hair when he injected a patient for the treatment of migraines (an off-label use of Botox)! Wow! I am actually a big fan of Botox. I'm only 26 now and I haven't used it but I certainly see using it in the future. But using Botox to grow hair?? Hmmm. Lets see, most women use Botox on their foreheads, the glabella (aka the 11 between the eyes) and crow's feet (those pesky little lines around the eyes) and if Botox helps regenerate hair growth, imagine how many women in the world would be sporting "unibrows" and peach fuzz!  But like the saying goes...Don't believe the hype.....Botox has not been shown to cure or prevent baldness in any randomized, controlled clinical trials. Botox Cosmetic (Allergan, Irvine, CA) is approved by the United States FDA for improving and relaxing frown lines in the area between the eyes an and has been used successfully in more than half a million patients since 2002. It blocks a neurotransmitter from being released at the junction between nerves, inhibiting the impulse that causes muscle contraction.  It is also used for blepharospasm (twitching eyelids), strabismus, and hyperhydrosis (sweaty palms and armpits). Oh well, I guess its back to the Rogaine and a little volumizing conditioner!

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