Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Check it Out- Dr. Walden is in Aesthetic Practitioner News!

Dr. Walden is featured in the current issue of Aesthetic Practitioner News. A survey was completed by 100 breast augmentation patients to determine the decision-making patterns of these individuals. The results were quite interesting. Dr. Walden was quoted, "Today's breast augmentation patient is well-educated, independent, private in her thinking and decision-making, and likely to be part of the workforce." She goes on to say, "Past stereotypes of the Hooter's waitress and exotic dancer being the typical BA patient are simply inaccurate." The study revealed that nearly 75% of women seeking breast augmentation are not influenced by their spouses or partners to undergo surgery. Forty percent of the respondents said their primary influence when making the decision to undergo breast augmentation was their own desire to change their appearance. The study was an extensive retrospective survey that asked women a host of questions regarding their research and decision-making process leading towards breast augmentation surgery. It was conducted with Sarah Shrader, RN, BSN, MHA (yours truly) and Georgia Panagopoulos, PhD, Administrative Director of Research at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, NY. Click here to read the full article. I say more power to you women!!

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