Friday, June 26, 2009

The World's King of Pop, 1958-2009

The world was deeply saddened yesterday at the news of the sudden and heartbreaking death of superstar, Michael Jackson. Jackson was well known worldwide for many things, but he will always be remembered as one of the most talented musician and entertainers to ever walk the planet. I always remember my mother-in-law telling me she remembered where she was when she found out Elvis had died, and I know for my generation these same type of stories will be associated with Michael.

Michael Jackson, started his music career at a very young age as the cute and youngest member of the Jackson 5. From the moment he stepped on the scene, he stole America's heart. To this day his 1982 album Thriller is the world's best selling album of all time, and his cumulative album sales reach upwards of 61 million. He not only changed the face of pop music in the 70's, 80's, and 90's, but he also introduced memorable moves in dance. No one will ever forget his scene stealing "moon walk" at the 1983 MTV video music awards. In addition to dance, Jackson, had a very strong fashion point of view. I know all of my friends in the 80's wore zippered parachute pants, white socks with black penny loafers, and sequined gloves!! Although, in his later years he was plagued with everything from legal to money troubles, there is no doubt that his legacy will be one rich with many musical accomplishments. At the time of his death, Jackson, was putting in long rigorous hours with his team of dancers for one of the biggest come backs of his career. He was scheduled to perform over 50 concerts at London's renowned O2 theater.

Mr. Jackson was also no stranger to plastic surgery. Over the years reps from his camp have never confirmed or denied the star going under the knife. I would say the most obvious would be the multiple rhinoplasty attempts. I know at one point experts in the plastic surgery field were very concerned his nose could completely cave in. It has been rumored that Jackson has also had cheek implants, chin implants, face and eye lift, and multiple injections. The pop star also suffered the skin disease vitiligo and lupus. Many have speculated he used strong skin bleaching treatments to try to even out his skin pigmentation leaving the star with very pale white skin.

Michael Jackson will be greatly missed. I am extrememly sad that we will never get the oportunity to see the come back he had been planning. I know his musical legacy will continue to push boundries and inspire artists for generations to come. Our thoughts go out to his family and children in what is a very difficult time.

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