Friday, June 5, 2009

With Denise Third Times A Charm!!!

Actress Denise Richards, who has become more famous for her nasty divorce from Charlie Sheen than acting, has a new season of her reality show "It's Complicated" on E!. So, she has been making the publicity rounds promoting her show. Denise was on Howard Stern's SIRIUS radio show on Thursday when she admitted to having breast augmentation in the past. US weekly reported that when asked if her breasts were "natural", she simply stated, "on the outside...yes...on the inside...not so much". I thought that was HILARIOUS!!! So many actresses deny having the surgery and I thought her answer was witty and refreshing. Denise went on to say that she is happy with the results, but it wasn't always the case. The actress had to undergo three surgeries with three doctors to get it right. At 19 the first surgery left the reality star with breasts that were too big for her frame. At a later date the actress tried to fix the problem and was convinced by a second doctor to go bigger!! The tiny Richards ended up with size D breasts. Finally, she was able to go with a smaller more natural implant and she is pleased with the end results. I think she looks fabulous....especially after having two babies!!!

I think this is a great lesson on how important it is to consider your body frame when making the decision on what size implants you choose. Like in other areas we as women get stuck on this case cup size. Spend the time with your doctor to discuss what is best for your body. Try not to get tripped up on the cup size!!

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