Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who Won the Bikini War?

Now, we all know "bikini girl" from American Idol has had some work done since her last appearance on the show, but how did Kara Dioguardi get that body? I definitely think she won the competition in singing and in looks!

Speaking of American Idol, how about Kellie Pickler. Doesn't look like bikini girl is the only one making multiple American Idol appearances that had some new "assets" to show off. Back in 2006, Kellie Pickler was a memorable contestant. Those who are American Idol fans should remember her as the quirky, bubbly, blond country girl from North Carolina. In 2007, the show brought her back to perform a song from her album. Not only was she debuting a new song, she was also debuting her new bigger breasts! Recently she was photographed at New York Fashion Week, looking refreshed and possibly with the effects

of Botox. She has very nice, wrinkle-free skin with an arched brow that can be due to Botox injections.

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