Monday, June 8, 2009

Rockin' rhinoplasty?

Bret Michael’s, lead singer of the 80’s metal band Poison and star of VH1 reality show Rock of Love, made headlines today after being struck in the head by a descending set piece following his performance at last night’s Tony Awards. According to his rep, the singer fractured his nose and needed stitches in his lip. A Tony’s spokeswoman confirmed the accident and explained Bret had “missed his mark” on stage.

Bret is no stranger to accidents. In 1994 he was in a nearly fatal car crash that left him with a broken nose, jaw, ribs, fingers and 4 missing teeth. Many sources that have reported on his alleged plastic surgery cite this as the primary reason he went under the knife. Others speculate he had cosmetic procedures such as fat grafting, cheek implants and even a facelift to restore a more youthful appearance.

It’s definitely possible Bret had rhinoplasty, as the bridge of his nose looks slightly more raised in recent photos. In addition, his cheeks have retained fullness that is not consistent with his age so fillers or cheek implants may have been used. I also noticed his chin has a different appearance and no longer looks cleft, which may be the result of a facelift or chin implant.

As the star of a show well known for having contestants who have had significant work done (See: Daisy of Love), we wonder if this latest bit of news will lead to anything more. Either way, Bret Michael still rocks the hearts of thousands of fans across the country and we wish him a speedy recovery from his recent mishap.

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