Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Posh Spice Downsizes

Gone are the days of slinky black dresses and crazy animal print.... in are the Christian Louboutins, Armani and chic LBD's. It's been speculated that Posh Spice has been in hiding for the past couple of days because she is recovering from a breast implant exchange. US Weekly reports that Posh has "downsized" from her 34 DD's to a more conservative 34 B cup. Sources claim she wants to shed her old image and reinvent herself once again. Implant exchange for size change is not all that uncommon. Many women undergo breast augmentation before bearing any children, and the weight of the implants, hormonal shifts, and weight fluctuations can make the breast skin stretch and sag over time. Of course if the patient has had children that can also contribute to the sagginess. Posh may just want to look a bit smaller along the bustline after having had children and lived the fabulous life for so many years.

Since forming part of the Spice Girls, she actually seems to have undergone a major transformation. It has been speculated she has lost approximately 20-25 lbs, had possible buccal fat pad removal to achieve a more sculpted face, as well as a rhinoplasty to refine her nose, injectibles to her lips, a mini browlift or Botox to help arch her brows, and of course breast augmentation. But alas, this is just speculation...hey, it could also be she is just one happy mother and wife to the world's most sexiest man!

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