Thursday, June 4, 2009

A new look gone bad

Last week I came across the National Enquirer Plastic Surgery issue and was surprised to see some unfamiliar faces. Most of the stars we have already heard of or talked about were in the issue such as Tara Reid and Kathy Griffin, but one star that stood out was Daryl Hannah. Daryl Hannah started her career early in life by staring in the movie "Splash" which came out in 1984, where she stared as a mermaid next to Tom Hanks who played a normal human being. Hannah has also been in such great movies such as Roxanne and Kill Bill but where is she now? Now that Hannah has turned 48, it seems as though she has morphed her face into something very different and is completely unrecognizable! In the past Hannah has said that she would not go under the knife for her appearance, but by the looks of her recent photographs I think she may have gone under the needle and possible changed her views about plastic surgery. Hannah is now sporting a swollen or over-injected facial features. Rumors about what Hannah may got done range "from extensive fat grafting and lip injections to eye lid surgery" (Stars) I think Hannah had some some seriously bad work which is such a shame because she has always been a beautiful woman. Back in April, Dr. Walden told Makemeheal that “Darryl Hannah has the appearance of having undergone to many injectable procedures. Her cheeks and lips look as if soft-tissue fillers have been injected to over-plump them, and her forehead and area around the eyes look like they’ve been Botoxed.“ In time, Hannah's appearance should improve as long as she did not get any permanent fillers injected. I wish the best for Daryl Hannah!

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