Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train is Heading to Botox-Ville!

For those of you who are fellow fans of the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance, you know who Mary Murphy is and her "Hot Tamale Train." Mary Murphy, one of the show's judges, is know for her obnoxious and hilarious laugh, screams and overall loudness on the show. Personally, I used to find her annoying, but now she is a source of constant entertainment! Even The Soup has found humor in her laugh and coined the "Mary Murphy Wake-Up Call."

Well, on last week's show, Cat Deely, the host, asked Mary for her opinion on one of the dances. I believe Cat said something to the effect of, "Mary, give us an eyebrow and let us know what you thought...." Mary then responded with, "I can't, I have too much Botox!" I laughed out loud because I always think about how she looks as though she gets Botox. She is so animated, yet she doesn't have a wrinkle on her face. It's as if her face doesn't move. She is a very accredited judge and world-class dance instructor....and my bi-weekly source of entertainment!

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