Friday, May 22, 2009


It is your lucky day!!! I missed a Friday a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would make it up and give you not one topic, but two today! I don't know about you, but I have LOVED looking at all the red carpet pics of the Cannes Film Festival this week. Every year you are guaranteed for some beautifully dressed celebs in the hottest fashions. With Cannes being one of the biggest "film" events of the calendar year, the "seen" and "be seen" stars spend a ton of cash to look "fresh"!!! Lucky for us here at Celebrity Plastic Surgery Blog, it is very hot this time of year in Cannes, so the "smaller" outfits give us a better look at who's had what done! :) So, by far the best looking couple on the red carpet this week has been...surprise, surprise...Brad and Angelina. They showed up to the premiere of Brad's new film looking like two perfect 10's. The only thing that stuck out to me was Angelina's face. It looks a little tight and quite shiny to me. I thought maybe it was the angle of the camera, but when I looked at other photos caught from different angles the look was the same. I am guessing that there may be Botox and other fillers involved in this perfection. She also may have had a recent chemical peel to give an overall smooth and luminous look to the skin. Of course this is just speculation on my part, but this will not be the first time plastic surgery rumors have been associated with the super star couple. No matter what she did or didn't do, she looked like a million bucks! After birthing 3 biological children and adopting 3 others she looks stunning.

The next topic I wanted to talk about is American Idol's "Bikini Girl". If you caught the season finale this past Wednesday you will know who I am talking about. Bikini Girl, was back on Idol to sing again for Simon and Randy and to pick up one of there "silly awards" they always give out at the end of the season. Well, you probably noticed that the stage set was not the only "new" thing up there. It was extremely obvious that "Bikini Girl" went under the knife since the beginning of the season for breast augmentation. Ryan of course had to point it out on national television (which was hilarious by the way), but it didn't seem like she minded one bit and was VERY proud of the new additions. I thought they actually looked very nice on her frame....they didn't seem too big. She seemed pleased as punch, so that is the most important....AND to see Simon, Randy, and Ryans faces when she walked out.....PRICELESS!!!!! With a little digging I found some great before and after shots for you to enjoy! Have a great and safe holiday weekend!!

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  1. No, she looked ridiculous, as do all elective breast implants. If you need reconstruction - fine, but I think it's a shame that women think they need "enhancement" by stuffing plastic bags of goo under their chest muscles. What a ridiculous society we live in.