Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still Making a Splash!

I'm been soooo wanting to see Ron Howard's new flick Angels & Demons, since I loved his last flick The Da Vinci Code. So, this movie is a sequel to The Da Vinci Code and I heard it deals with Tom Hanks' character, Robert Langdon, trying to stop some secret society called the Illuminati from destroying the Roman Catholic Church. What's better than mixing religion and science together???.........Well Tom Hanks of course! He looks good for 52 but his face in this picture makes him look plastic. Could it be the faux tan, his new hair a la Nicholas Cage or maybe a chemical peel and some Botox? He looks a tad shiny and a little tight in the face. Let's just hope its weight loss, some good R&R and make-up.

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