Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lisa Rinna: How She Gets "Rinnivated"

Lisa Rinna appeared on the Today show on Monday to promote her new book Rinnivation: Getting Your Best Life Ever. This book is apparently about how to reinvent yourself at any age. In a recent article in US Weekly Magazine, Lisa dishes about how she keeps her toned abs, wrinkle-free face, tan skin and luscious lips. She admits to getting medical-grade silicone injected in her lips 23 years ago. Since this procedure she says she has only had cortisone injected to soften the scar tissue. The article goes on to say that Lisa underwent breast augmentation in 2002 to restore her breast shape after giving birth to her two daughters. Her wrinkle-free face can be attributed to Botox injections, which she reportedly gets performed every four months. She states that she has sworn off dermal fillers after treatments in September of last year left her looking like a "pumpkin." As far as her toned abs, lean legs and slim physique; she attributes that to diet and exercise!

And you'll never guess her age......45!


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  2. No, I would have guessed 55. She looks ridiculous, especially the fake lips. Dermal fillers and etc. are another ridiculous idea put forth by an industry of money-changers who drive Ferarris on the backs of other peoples' neurosis.