Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy In Love-with plastic?

While reading Entertainment news I read about the stars that arrived at the annual Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute Gala. Various stars walked on the red carpet in New York this past Sunday. I viewed recent pictures of Beyonce Knowles, who showed up in a beautiful Pink Armani Prive dress which showed off her great curves. I feel that Beyonce tends to keep a natural look, and from these pictures she showed her natural beauty without going over the top with make-up and wearing such an elegant dress. Curious, I researched to see if she has had any plastic surgery in the past and I found that she is rumored to have nose surgery, lip reduction, and breast augmentation (source:stars). After seeing some old pictures of Beyonce, it does appear that her lips have become thinner. As far as her nose, I think it may look different to some people simply because of some great make-up she uses. On rumors regarding her possible breast implants, stars-plasticsurgery reported they, "think that she did, her breast size looks bigger in more recent pictures and in some of them you may notice something that looks very much like a scar in her armpit. Breast implants can be placed through the armpit, underneath the breast, and around the areola." Whether or not Beyonce has had work done, I still think she looks like a natural beauty-or at least appears to be. Beyonce has had success in music and is even acting in the new move, Obsessed which is currently out in theatres. Beyonce plays the wife of Idris Elba. Idris cheats on Beyonce, and we all know when someone cheats-no good can come of it! This movie is sure to make men fearful of cheating on their wives. Obsessed is currently ranked #3 of Fandango's top rated, a must see!

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