Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Fill or Not to Fill........

As the population is suffering from a waning economy, pink slips, foreclosures, etc....it is what it is (just ask Madoff's clients). Even plastic surgeons are feeling the pinch now-a-days. Don't feel bad for them yet though, according to the Plastic Surgeons Practice there has been a rise in non-surgical procedures such as injectables and laser treatments. More and more people want to look young and fresh like Michelle Williams and Jennifer Garner without going broke. Therefore most of the population is now embracing the plain Jane trend, but even Jane needs a little pick me upper! Enter injectables or as one patient called it "the liquid facelift". With the wide array of injectables now available, patients are now getting more bang for their buck. Some of the injectables target cheekbones, temporal regions, scars, eyebrows, jawlines and of course the ever popular lips (thanks to Angelina Jolie). Oh but it doesn't stop there, now they are becoming popular for hand rejuvenation as well as for nose contouring.

However, taking full advantage of these impressive little injections should be done responsibly. Unlicensed or uncertified people are taking advantage of the economic situation and offering non-surgical procedures in non-medical setting such as a beauty salons, spas, bodegas, or even in people's homes can result in deadly situations. One such incident caused a Bronx woman to lose her life. She had asked a friend to inject free, unpurified, non-medical grade silicone to improve the shape and appearance of her thighs and buttocks. However, she later died in the hospital from "silicone pulmonary embolism, with silicone clotting her lungs. The medical examiner also said the injections were performed by a nonmedical unlicensed person" (Source: Newsday). As a consumer you can take these steps as recommended by Medical News to ensure good results:

1. Doctor: Is the doctor qualified and knowledgeable about the injectable and procedure for different conditions? Does he/she have an appropriately licensed and equipped medical facility?
2. Is the recommended injection approved by the by the U.S. FDA?

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