Thursday, April 30, 2009

State of Plastic Surgery?

Recently, State of Play came out in theatres which features Russell Crowe, Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren. Ben Affleck plays a politician who is involved in some sort of a scandal, while his old college roommate, Russell Crowe is a reporter who seeks to find the truth. Helen Mirren plays Crowe's boss and at the age of 63, this actress looks fantastic. I question whether or not she has had plastic surgery after seeing her in State of Play. While Mirren may not have had any children, it is possible that she may have had some liposuction and/or cellulite treatments to keep her skin slightly tighter than most women her age. Having viewed older pictures, it does appear that Mirren's breast size has enlarged throughout the years, which can be normal however, her breasts are perkier than they normally would be-leaving me to believe she may have had a breast lift to keep them from sagging. Rumors have circulated in regards to Mirren's possible facelift and eyelid surgery Regardless of whatever plastic surgery Helen Mirren may have had or hasn't had, she looks amazing for her age. We should all be so lucky!

In regards to State of Play, I highly recommend this movie if you're planning a night out. Once you have Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck together-all you need is some good popcorn! State of Play has been in theatres since April 17th and is currently 7th in the top ten Box office movies.

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  1. Helen Mirren looks awesome for her age! We should all be so lucky.