Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The "Natural" Girl Next-Door ?

Jennifer Garner (37), mother of the ever so cute Violet Affleck, and wife to the handsome Ben Affleck has often been dubbed as the "naturally gorgeous girl next door" by InStyle magazine. That being said one would never think she has had any work done. However, nowadays any picture taken pre-celebrity cannot be hidden from a good Google search. Here we have a picture of her back in the days and amazingly she did not have much of an upper lip! Who would have thought?

Most likely she had soft tissue fillers injected into her upper lip, or an implant inserted for lip augmentation. Although she might have opted for the implant it does not look as big and "trouty" as, let's say, a certain star whose been on Dancing With the Stars and on the daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives. That's because she truly had a really thin upper lip and the well-done augmentation made it look plump, not overly exaggerated and fake. I still think she looks great, but likely she has made slight changes that enhanced her features. In my book, she is naturally beautiful!

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