Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Perfect?

Last night 50 beautiful women competed for the title of Miss USA, but Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton took home the crown. Given the intense pressure to get that perfect look, I couldn’t help but wonder if some contestants turned to plastic surgery to prepare. Winner Kristen Dalton looks as though she may have undergone breast augmentation as you can see what looks like the outline of the implant in her swimsuit.

Plastic surgery is not new in the world of beauty pageants and it is not limited to the United States. Miss Universe 2008 Danyana Mendoza is rumored to have had rhinoplasty. It seems likely she has had work done considering her current nose has a much slimmer appearance than in past photos. The Venezuelan beauty commented on plastic surgery during an interview with MSNBC but did not reveal her personal history when asked. "Asking me that is like asking a woman her age," Mendoza said. She did add that plastic surgery is a personal decision and noted, "The problem is when you start to have surgeries to look like someone else." 

Plastic surgery is very popular in South American countries such as Venezuela but some European countries have banned it from pageants completely. Does this make Miss Universe a fair competition? Considering the past three winners have all been suspected of various procedures, we’re not sure. Perhaps it has become less about winning a crown, and more about achieving aesthetic perfection.

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