Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cost to Look 20 years Younger?; The Case of "I am my Mother's Daughter"

A woman from Great Britain, Janet Cunliffe, 50 recently had plastic surgery in hopes to look more like her 27 year old daughter. Janet spent 10,000 pounds=$15,000 on the surgeries. According to The Sun, Janet was "Desperate to look as pretty and young as her daughter, Janet had a boob job, eye job, nose job and lip augmentation. According to another source, abcnews, Janet went as far as Croatia in order to make this transformation. The Sun also reports," Most assume the pair, who are both beauticians, are sisters or even twins with their matching size six figures, pretty faces and long blonde locks. They are stunned to learn the women are actually mother and daughter — and even more shocked to learn Janet is in fact 22 years older than Jane."

Some psychologists say this kind of transformation may not be healthy in some cases. But, by the looks of it this mother and daughter pair seem to be getting along quite well with Janet's new look. Janet certainly looks 22 years younger, but we are always concerned about the possibility of Body Dysmorphic Disorder in cases such as these. We will definitely be watching for these two on a reality TV show soon!

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