Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TomKat's $43,000 Makeover

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly spent over $40,000 on their new looks. This photo, taken at the Japanese premiere of Tom's film 'Valkyrie', shows Katie's new long locks. Apparently her hair extensions, which she hasn't been seen wearing since the premiere, took 48 hours to do. She camped out at Tokyo's Ritz-Carlton with her team of beauty experts for 2 days receiving spa treatments before the premiere. Reporters are speculating she may have received tooth veneers, perhaps some fillers and Botox and premium make-up. 


  1. am I crazy or is that seriously a ridiculous amount of money to spend on hair? Hey Kate, you can grow you own hair ya know!

  2. There's like poverty, world hunger, homelessness, and some pple spend money on hair exensions!! if you dont want short hair don't cut it!