Friday, March 20, 2009

Pure Glamour at the Metropolitan Opera's 125th Season Gala

Last Sunday the Metropolitan Opera in NYC celebrated its 125th Season with an evening of beautiful singing and a red carpet Hollywood would envy. It is one of the few times where a red carpet has such a diverse mix. There was the standard "NYC Social Crowd" and this year many of the most acclaimed TV and movie stars attended. When there are this many fascinating people in one area you are assured to have an amazing red carpet. There were two stars that stuck out to me when I browsed over the red carpet pictures. The first is Taylor Momsen, one of the break out star from the teen favorite "Gossip Girl". It is amazing to look at these pictures and comprehend she is ONLY 15!!! There have been rumors that the star has gone under the knife with a possible Rhinoplasty, and possibly botox. I find that very hard to believe and just chalk it up to great genes and that wonderful thing we all call youth!! She wore a beautiful crimson Marchesa gown that was fitting for the event. Many ridiculed the star that the look was too "old" for her. I think she pulled it off beautifully and really looked confident in the garment. The other person that stood out to me was the ever beautiful Christy Brinkley. It is astonishing that as she gets older she looks younger and younger. Over the years there has been speculation upon speculation that the supermodel has had multiple procedures including face life, breast augmentation, and possible injectables. Ms. Brinkley has denied going under the knife saying, "I once watched a face lift on TV and knew I could never do it." All I know is it looks like she has found the fountain of youth. She looked stunning in her black figure hugging gown. I must say everyone looked was hard to pick just two to talk about!!


  1. Those dresses are beautiful! I think Taylor looks very beautiful and is dressed quite tastefully and oh course when a girl is 15 they can pull off almost any look.

  2. yeah I love watching events such as these to see what the stars end up wearing.