Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Princess Rihanna

The Barbados born beauty, Rihanna (21) who is best known for her songs Umbrella and Disturbia, has been involved in an altercation in which Chris Brown (19) allegedly assaulted her. Recently there was a leak of a picture of Rihanna after the alleged assault and she appears to be swollen. Our very own Dr. Walden weighed in on the situation "...what Rihanna needs is a new boyfriend and counseling to get out of an abusive relationship as soon as possible (if the allegations are true regarding Chris Brown). Thoughts and prayers are with her during what must be a difficult time " (Source:Make Me Heal). It may still be too soon to determine if she will need some sort of surgical procedure, she may just need some resting time to get back to her old self. Rihanna however has been speculated to have had breast augmentation and rhinoplasty (Source: Stars Plastic Surgery).

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  1. I remember hearing about this, poor Rihanna. Then again, she did go back to Chris Brown Oh women..... I wonder how her recovery has been going