Monday, March 16, 2009

Poker Face?

Newly acclaimed Princess of Pop, Lady GaGa is known as much for her mystery, often hiding behind huge shades and outrageous outfits, as she is for her hit singles, Just Dance and Poker Face. However, we think it’s no secret that she may have had a little help achieving her crowning look.
Make Me Heal has reported the 22-year old has likely undergone rhinoplasty given the drastic change in the shape and size of the star’s nose. Lady GaGa’s nose previously overpowered her face and had a hooked appearance. According to plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Paul S. Nassif, “Lady GaGa definitely had a rhinoplasty. It looks a little pinched, but not bad.” The improvement brought a nice balance to her face, allowing the rest of her features to shine without leaving her unrecognizable. Other sources speculate a chin implant and breast augmentation may have also added to the starlet’s enhanced look. Whatever work Lady GaGa’s had done, it has clearly added to her confidence and her career has taken off. We look forward to seeing this rising songstress for many years to come.

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  1. first comment: she was horribe when she sang at american idol last week
    2nd: she was pretty hideous with that nose, thank you for getting it surgically removed and creating a new one-this one is for the surgeon that hooked her up!