Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pam's New Look

Pamela Anderson (41) best known for her breast augmentations debuted a new look in Miami this past weekend. The mother of two looks a lot more refreshed without the tremendous amount of make-up she usually cakes on her face. Although she does look different I doubt she has gotten anything new done to her face. She is definitely wearing a strawberry blonde wig which deviates from her usual platinum blonde tresses. It also looks like she may have gotten a filler to plump up her lips.


  1. She def needs to go back to platinum blonde hair and make- up ASAP. And no more wigs please.

  2. do guys really go for pouty lips like those? I'm pretty sure she needs to re-evaluate her life as well as her looks.

  3. I think she should go back to her natural look, and skip any plastic surgery, if that's possible.