Monday, February 9, 2009

New lips for Nikki?

Nikki Cox, one of the many stars to hit the red carpet at the 2009 Grammy Awards last night, was looking...err...a little swollen. This look is most likely the result of overdone fillers in the lips and cheeks. The stunning red-head has become nearly unrecognizable as the natural contours of her face have been lost as a result of too many injectables. Despite reports in the spring of 2008 citing the former Las Vegas star had overdone it, Nikki seems to be pleased with her results. Since fillers last from about 3-6 months depending on the product and injection site, she would have needed additional injections to maintain her full lips. Another possibility? Nikki may have had her cheeks injected with excess fat from her tummy, creating her puffy appearance. In either case, at least hubby actor Jay Mohr doesn't seem to mind the change.

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  1. lol i bet jay mohr doesn't mind. i wonder if its painful though.

    keep posting interesting content. im now an avid reader.

    -sandra c.