Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kim Kardashian:Completely Plastic?

Kim Kardashian was spotted in New York for Fashion Week. Many people noticed Kardashian looking quite different than before. It appears that she may have gone under the knife and received slight to medium cosmetic surgery-or has a make-up artist with special powers. Rumors are circulating that she has either gone under the knife or has had botox injections. Well, whatever Kardashian is doing I hope she doesn't go too overboard on cosmetic procedures as she is still quite young and has a pretty face, we wouldn't want her to look like she's made from wax.- I don't want to see her end up as one of Plastic Surgery's Worst Mistakes in the future.

Source: The Insider


  1. whatever she is doing, i hope she stops. she is too young! She looks like a brunette barbie doll in that picture. Sorry Kim

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