Friday, February 27, 2009

Is "UltraShape" the new face of "Lipo"?

It seems like everyday I am seeing information pop up about the newest form of Liposuction on the block, UltraShape. For those of you who haven't heard the buzz about this new procedure, here is the down low. UltraShape is the "brainchild" of Tel Aviv plastic surgeon Ami Glicksman. In this months issue (March 2009) of Allure magazine, they feature Dr. Glicksman in the article titled The Influencers. The surgeon confesses that this revolutionary procedure all started out as a daydream. He bagan to ponder "fat". He tells Allure, "What if there is an easier fat-removal method than liposuction. What if it was painless? That would be very nice." I think most of us would agree! This idea quickly turned into UltraShape. The procedure uses ultrasound that melts fat cells permanently and painlessly, without breaking the skin or requiring any anesthesia. Glicksman says, "The ultrasound shakes the fat cells to the point that they break down and are naturally metabolized by the liver." UltraShape can remove small amounts of fat, and works best on bulges in the stomach area, saddlebags, and knees. The hope is the device will get FDA approval by the end of this year. So, for now we will all have to dream about this "dream lipo" until it is available in the United States. Now what did our mothers tell us about patience??? Oh, and as an added bonus see what our own Dr. Walden thinks about UltraShape in the Fox News interview below!!

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  1. Ultrashape sounds amazing.Every girls dream come true! just a message to the FDA: Approve this now please! Thanks