Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grammy's Best Dressed and Best Augmentation?

American model Marisa Miller (30) graced the red carpet at the Grammy's with a short, cinched mini-dress. Marisa has appeared in Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret, and to say the least she has a body to die for! However, its been rumored that she has had a breast augmentation, breast lift and possible rhinoplasty (Source: Plasticopedia and Awful Plastic Surgery). The picture on the right shows Marissa laying down and what seems like the outline of implants. The picture on the left looks like she may have slight drooping and recent pictures of Marissa with a loose shirt taken at the same angle show her breasts as more perky and voluminous.


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  2. Look at how heavy that necklace must be it is pushing her breasts down

  3. yeah, I don't doubt she may have gotten implants.